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Seasons of Growth: Becoming A Digital Nomad (Again)

CHANGE IS HARD. STAGNANCY IS HARDER.  I’ve been feeling stagnant for about a year now. I’m burned out from working from home, so I’m initiating some drastic changes in my life. No amount of furnishing, nesting, beautifying my space could satiate this amorphous...

Lifestyle Design 101 + Resources

This post is an introduction to lifestyle design. Get curious and wonder about new possibilities. You'll find 7 steps to creating a personal retreat with resources and activities to design a life you love.  If your dissatisfaction with life or the status quo had led...

3 Lessons I Learned in 7 Years of Lifestyle Design

Entrepreneurship and personal development go hand in hand. What they say about starting a business and personal growth is true. I don’t want to sound like a fluffy optimist. I want to share the truth of my own experiences, instead of regurgitated feel-good messages....

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Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom Where You’re Planted

The seasons are shifting. The sunflowers are blooming in the humidity of late summer. During the nights, I love listening to the buzzing hum of the cicadas. The cacophony transports me to somewhere in the deep countrysides of Korea, where farmers are languidly...

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Ethical Beauty Brands at Sephora

Ethical Beauty Brands at Sephora

Researching and trying on new beauty products from the internet (that is a hit or a miss) can feel like an arduous task. Making simple choices and taking small steps is my modus operandi when it comes to cultivating an ethical life. I like to believe that we all know...

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Field Notes from the Unknown

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