Intimacy is Your Currency

“Present over perfect. Quality over quantity. Relationship over rushing. People over pressure. Meaning over mania.”

-Shauna Niequist


Queen. Inspired. Devoted. Wise. Committed. Strong. Seasoned. Independent. Bold. Creative. Expressive. Intelligent. Lover.



Thoughtful. Imaginative. Artistic. Attentive. Supportive. Multicultural. Experimental. Structured. Receptive. Dot-Connector.


Your creative business is multifaceted, straddling both the physical + digital.  You need a digital design partner who gets your 360° world, blending both sensibility and strategy.

The integrity of your values is how you move through life and make your mark in the world of business. You nurture holistic experiences through your creativity and high-touch service.

You’re always in a process. You’re a creative expert with a one-of-a-kind methodology woven from a multitude of tried-and-true experiences, modalities, disciplines, and nuances.

You approach business like an artisan. You meticulously edit and weave intention into the tangible and intangible details of your space-holding. You believe quality is expressed in the details, not just an image.  

Slow and steady is how you roll. Not because your vision isn’t monumental, but because relationships are the cornerstone of your business.


the journey of our partnership

An overview of the process: 


Creating an Essential Brand in a sea of noise starts with resonance and connection. It’s more than a trendy image or a shock tactic to stand out. I get to know your business intimately by observing, listening and engaging your community. 



Your business conveys a distinctive mood. We get clear about the emotional experience you create and curate the elements to hone your business’s visual vibe that sets the right tone and communicates your brand story. The end result is a 6-sensory experience across all channels – physical and digital.


Your website is a gallery of your creative expression, a library of your teachings, a storefront with crafted essentials, and a gathering place for your community.

It not only has to capture the right look and feel, but it has to function and flow with ease, so you can guide your tribe to their most inspired lives.


want to go down the rabbit hole with me?

Here are a few ways we can work together:


Allow me to create a customized visual storytelling suite for your content marketing, so you can stay focused on your zone of genius. 

You receive:

    • 45-min consultation call to personalize your package 
    • Curated stock images
    • Guidelines for brand photography
    • Pinterest marketing ( custom templates, profile board & group board creation)
    • Optimized images with keyword tagging
    • Brand styling input on color palette & font pairings


If you’re leaning into the next iteration of your business, and you can’t quite see the next steps, these strategy sessions will give you the big picture perspective to plan for your new website. 

You’ll get 3 x 60-min consulting sessions & strategic action plan to help you ground your vision into every touchpoint of your business.

We’ll map out your business’s Empathy Map to clarify the actions of your guests and identify the major pathways of engagement, so we can design a seamless experience that resonates with their needs. 

We’ll also take into account your business goals, so we can build a sustainable website that evolves with your growth. 

You receive:

  • Empathy Map: development of user flow and sitemap
  • 3 x 60-min brand strategy sessions



(4-6 week process)

We’ll explore your visual vibe through an in-depth Style Exploration via a questionnaire and a strategy session. Then, we’ll have a solid foundation to design your marketing materials that are in alignment with your message. 

We’ll gather references onto a shared Pinterest board to create an Inspirational Moodboard. I’ll create your Brand Collection that consists of type mark, font pairings, color palette, textures and graphic elements.

I’ll also offer input on imagery, whether you are preparing for brand photography, or you need support curating stock photos. The Brand Styling Guide & Visual Story Board will give you context and best practices to show you how to use the Brand Collection. 

You’ll also receive Social Media Branding templates for 2 platforms of your choice, which include profile page design, covers, and promotional graphics. It also includes a branded social theme for your Instagram feed. 

You receive:  

  • Style Exploration: Brand questionnaire & consultation  
  • Pinterest Gathering
  • Inspirational Moodboard
  • Logo Design (type mark, sub mark, and icons)
  • Customized Color Palette
  • Brand Styling Guide
  • Visual Storyboard
  • Social Media Branding: templates for 2 platforms and Instagram feed guide 


(8-10 week process)

You’ll receive a questionnaire and 60-minute strategy session, so we can create a consistent experience that speaks to your audience on a deep level.

We’ll create a Site Blueprint by clarifying the key pieces of functionality/content and bring together the major facets of your site to help you and your guests feel at home. We will create wireframes to determine the layout of the site.

We’ll bring together your brand styling guide & site blueprints for the Visual Design. I’ll install the design on WordPress.

We’ll do some Final Testing before the site goes live. You’ll get a tour of your new online home. You’ll receive any training in navigating the site if necessary.

You receive:

  • Design questionnaire & 60-min strategy session 
  • Site Blueprint: development of sitemap & wireframes
  • Visual Design: 5 pages (including home page, shop or sales page)
  • Site installation onto WordPress
  • 2 weeks of tech support post-launch

what clients say…

Rina is a tender alchemist, holding beauty in the palms of her hand, listening to the undertones of the aesthetics and vision you want, magically unraveling them in a visual, coherent, and clear way so that you can share your gifts in the world … all while providing a structure that supports you to grow into your business. I was amazed by how Rina could, essentially, decode and truly “see” who I am, then display it in my business’s branding, design, and website implementation. The way she held me through the entire process – meeting all the deadlines, gently probing me, while being warm, intuitive, and professional all at once – was amazing. I completely trust Rina and her ability to feel the textures of who I am – all the layers – and translate it into a tangible design, curated specifically to who I am. I honor her integrity and adore her grounded sensitivity speaks to our inner artisan.
Rebecca Cavender, Intuitive Writer

Have you ever come upon a graphic image, social media post or website that completely stopped you in your tracks? That was my reaction when I first laid eyes on a website that Rina had designed. Her vision evoked such a positive visceral response on my part, that I immediately knew I had to work with her. However, Rina’s scope of work goes far her ability to deliver a visually stunning product. Her intuitive sense of the consumer experience relative to your vision is what really defines her genius.  I cannot say enough great things about working with her.  She will work with you to deliver something special.

Lynne Dominick, Founder of Body Soul Beauty

Working with Rina has been a rebranding + design dream-come-true! From the very beginning, she has had this uncanny ability to not only *really* see me but also *get* me in a way that has allowed me to surrender and totally trust her magic and the project. I’m sort of like a hummingbird and tend to get excited and scattered. Rina is so refreshingly intuitive, honest, open and amazing at asking questions along the way to make sure we’re always on the same page, and focused on our Original Vision.

I thought this was going to be a simple website design, but it has given me sooo much clarity and insight into my business, my message, my audience and even what the bigger picture about my purpose and how I show up! Total ascension has occurred during our work together. And aesthetically – holy bananas – it has been a delicious adventure because this woman has some MAJOR taste and a killer eye. She is like a beauty and style oracle who guides me with swagger-filled ease and grace…. Whatever Rina is selling, BUY IT. Buy it now.  You will find yourself totally and magically transformed! 

Eyenie, Technicolor Priestess

Before working with Rina, I was drowning in all of the content I had created. I couldn’t figure out how to make all the parts and pieces of my vast online universe work together. My tribe didn’t know where to start or which steps to take next. Now, sweet Jesus, my site is aesthetically beautiful, spacious, laid out perfectly and my tribe knows exactly where to go and what’s available to them. The user flow is seamless, my tribe LOVES the look of the site and people keep telling me that they just want to go to my site to hang out for a while because it feels so good.

Jessica Serran, International Artist

Rina is an extraordinary professional. She has a way of quickly and easily getting to the heart of the matter as it relates to branding. Her ability to scale down big picture ideas into workable “bite-size” pieces is phenomenal. Organic processes and patience are just a few of the tools Rina uses to help her clients see, create and present their best “selves”. Her warm giving spirit makes her amazing at what she does. I highly recommend Rina for your marketing and branding needs.

Indira Wilburn, Media Personality + Social Media Director

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