I’m a visual designer and lifestyle blogger with a penchant for cozy corners and faraway lands. I am somewhere between nesting and nomading in a small town outside of Philly.

This blog is dedicated to lifestyle design, slow living, self-exploration and mindfully cultivating an aesthetic life. I explore how to live a life I love, whether it’s finding beauty in the mundane or wandering wide-eye for treasures in a new city.

When I’m not designing websites and brands for meaning makers, I’m reading on perfume, planning my upcoming trip to Asia or cooking plant-based meals.


Inspire and encourage creative folks to pursue their desires and cultivate a fulfilling life with tips and resources on lifestyle design and slow living.

Help readers celebrate their whole self and beautify their life with sustainable and ethical goods, experiences, and inspiration; one that cares for people, animals and the planet, where life becomes a ceremony of culture, nature, and spirit in our daily lives, in the simplest of moments.

Create an environment of diversity, inclusion, and love.


  • Slow, simple, sustainable
  • Beauty is whole and ethical
  • Spaciousness is luxury
  • Integrity matters
  • Freedom 
  • Exploration, learning, growth 


  • 4w5 (Romantic/Observer)


  • Connectedness
  • Restorative
  • Strategy
  • Positivity
  • Input


  • Sun in Gemini + Mercury in the 8th house
  • Stellium (5 planets) in Libra, including Ascendant + Moon


  • INFJ (Advocate) 


Rina Rose is a nickname given to me during my career-crisis-turned-existential crisis in 2011. My soul search for meaning was a wormhole into healing, self-actualization, and community. I renewed my life as I redefined success on my own terms. Slowing down saved me as I was experiencing the biggest burn out of my life. Most likely, I had adrenal fatigue from 35+ jobs and 7 major changes (fashion, art, interior/new media design, beauty) seeking my “thing” in the conventional world.  I had an incredible yearning to create a space for my authentic expression; a world where I could exist wholeheartedly.

Though I felt like a complete failure as a social chameleon, a random idea to start an online business struck me, and I followed that whisper into an alternate reality of the world wide web. I dived deep into the internet like a duck takes to water. What I found was a path to self-discovery, personal fulfillment, wholeness, and adventure.

First with the blogging community, where I learned about minimalism and lifestyle design. Then, I became obsessed with designing WordPress sites and figuring out the through-line of my multipassionate experiences with archetypal branding. I’ve been a full-time freelancer for 3 years, first as a digital nomad and now working from home. I co-create with businesses in the wellness industry. I recently graduated from Erin Schroeder’s 8-month Psychic Training with the intention to help creatives become more fully expressed.

Fast forward 7 years, I’ve come full circle to start this blog to encourage kindred folks to follow their passions and forge their own path. Along with stories of my own personal journey as an introverted, highly sensitive, multipassionate creative entrepreneur, I’ll also explore an aesthetic life on the slow lane, where I weave meaning and ethics with my passion for style, beauty, design, and travel.


Listen to my episode on Janelle Hardy’s Wild Elixir podcast for personal mythmakers. Potent Conversations, Potent Making. Conversations are created by mixing creativity, body, and fairytales.

We chatted about the story of the Ugly Duckling and how it reflects the relationship I have with my body and creativity as a multipassionate, highly sensitive person. My search for meaning has really been a journey of coming into wholeness and creating a world where I can exist wholeheartedly instead of fitting in.

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