The seasons are shifting. The sunflowers are blooming in the humidity of late summer. During the nights, I love listening to the buzzing hum of the cicadas. The cacophony transports me to somewhere in the deep countrysides of Korea, where farmers are languidly lounging on their front porches eating watermelon, reflecting on summer and preparing for autumn.

I always come back to this quote whenever I’m stuck. It brings me back to the present moment with a reminder that I have everything I need within me to get to the next step. You can’t reap a harvest until you’ve nourished the soil. 

When you realize that the resources are within you, you’ll be amazed at the inherent abundance and power of who you are. You get stuck because you do not see your own value in what you’re creating or what you have created in the past. Trust me, you’re amazing.

Reframing how you see yourself and what’s available to you will give you clarity and momentum.

I found accepting “what is” opens up mental and emotional space. Not in a defeating way. But appreciating what life is teaching you and showing you. 

Once you take a step back and gain some perspective, you start to see beauty in the mundane, like the afternoon light, the tenderly bruised petals, and the stillness, where the present moment fades and the future blooms. I always get my aha’s when I dive into the simplicity of the present moment.




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